The team at ExceedBI has delivered solutions to over 40 institutions.

Our clients range across vertical markets including:

Banking, Insurance, Capital Markets, Public Sector, Health, Transportation,

Fashion and Retail, Software Vendors and Large SI’s.

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As the volume of data increases, and the complexity increases just as rapidly, organisations across industries must find ways to manage this resource efficiently and effectively in order to remain competitive and thrive in a data-driven world. ExceedBI have delivered data management solutions in some of the most complex environments across industries:


For financial services organisations, it is no longer sufficient to solely focus on increasing revenues and driving business performance. In today’s current climate, regulatory compliance, reducing operational costs, managing risk and protecting corporate reputation are all primary concerns that must also be addressed.

ExceedBI have delivered solutions for some of the world’s largest financial institutions. The team has an exceptional level of domain expertise that enables them to provide solutions that deliver real business value and meet the objectives of the business. Solutions include data management, data quality and governance programmes, testing programmes, regulatory compliance, MDM and reference data solutions, single customer view, Vendor system developments/upgrades.

The team delivers solutions for:



Retail banking has been revolutionised over recent years, with the introduction of mobile banking, new digital channels and banking self-service facilities. With regulatory pressures, and new entrants to the market, superior customer experience is one way to achieve differentiation. We have worked with a number of retail banking institutions, helping them improve processes and manage their data, in order to better understand their customers and provide a better service.


In order to remain competitive in today’s economy, global banks need to reduce the complexity of their infrastructures, maximise the efficiency of their operations and ensure they are providing a world class customer service to an international corporate customer base. ExceedBI have worked with a number of corporate banks to deliver solutions that help them simplify their IT infrastructures, built up over years; understand their customers better across regions, and achieve regulatory compliance.

Wealth management

Recent developments such as retail distribution review (RDR), conduct risk and the increase of new online entrants to the market, have disrupted the wealth management sector, and organisations must look at new ways to cost-effectively service their customers.ExceedBI works with wealth management clients to ensure their systems and processes enable them to provide an exceptional customer experience, bring innovative services and products to the market, and operate with the agility required by new regulations.


Life and pensions

Recent pension reforms, the associated administrative issues and the highly regulated environment have all contributed to significant upheaval in the life and pensions market. Organisations need to be able to respond to these factors in order to gain competitive advantage.

ExceedBI can help life and pensions organisations optimise their business processes, and implement systems that give them the agility to cope with these challenges.

General insurance

The increase in competition in the market, regulation, cases of fraud and malpractice, and the increasingly complex channel landscape pose some significant challenges for the insurance sector.

ExceedBI helps its insurance clients across key areas, such as compliance and risk (including Solvency II, RDR, SCHIP and HIPAA), data management and big data solutions.

London markets

The London Market is not immune to many of the challenges the insurance industry is facing: an increasingly litigious culture, increased regulation and the need to become more efficient. In order to cope with the increasing volume and complexity of data, and analyse it, many organisations are looking to overhaul their data management capability, in order to reap some of the benefits of recent trends such as real time analytics and reporting, big data and faster processing ability. ExceedBI can help you to evaluate and implement these technologies in order to reap the associated benefits.


Investment banking

Investments banks are struggling to reduce complexity across the IT infrastructure, improve efficiency, and cope with the requirements of regulation such as Know Your Customer, EMIR reporting and risk management. Many are still struggling to monetise their data and use it to gain competitive advantage.

ExceedBI works with Investment banks to leverage their business applications, and their data, to have greater control, optimise business processes and manage risk more effectively.

Asset and investment management

Asset and wealth management organisations are increasingly under pressure to provide exceptional customer service, innovation in their products and services and deal with frequent regulatory change. ExceedBI has worked with many Tier 1 asset managers to deliver operational effectiveness, and gain competitive advantage through significant improvements in their data management capabilities.

Exchanges and clearing

The adoption of central clearing and the amalgamation of exchange traded and OTC derivatives is disrupting the trading landscape. A reduction in margins, coupled with a rise in fee pressure presents challenges for exchanges and clearing houses. ExceedBI provides solutions delivering greater insight and business intelligence that enable exchanges and clearing houses to cope with these industry challenges.


Today’s retailers face increasing pressure to reduce cost, rationalise the supply chain and compete with a growing number of low-cost online competitors.

ExceedBI has helped some of the UK’s largest retailers to meet these challenges through more effective data management, helping clients achieve a single customer view, multi-channel integration and best of breed analytics and reporting.


We provide solutions to help media organisations understand their audiences better and maximise their advertising revenues. Our team has provided solutions for more effective reporting and analytics, enterprise-wide data management and data quality solutions.


Public sector organisations are dealing with increasing volumes of both structured and unstructured data. The ability to process this data quickly and efficiently empowers public sector organisations to maximise the value of their data and provide better quality services, whilst at the same time reducing costs.

ExceedBI have worked with public sector organisations to deliver solutions for data management, reporting & analytics, data quality initiatives and business intelligence.


With the commoditisation of voice, data and messaging services, and the cost of building high-capacity networks, telecommunications businesses are under pressure to operate more efficiently, remain competitive and maintain margins.

ExceedBI can help you optimise your data management capability and ensure you have the data you need to make business critical decisions, in order to meet these challenges.


There are many complex business environments experiencing an explosion in the types and volumes of available data. The pharmaceutical industry is one of them, where data growth is generated from several sources, including R&D, retailers, patients, and care providers. ExceedBI can help pharmaceutical organisations utilise this data in order to increase performance and drive efficiencies.  better identify new potential drug candidates and develop them into effective, approved and reimbursed medicines more quickly.


The team at ExceedBI has delivered solutions to over 40 institutions.

Our clients range across vertical markets including:

Banking, Insurance, Capital Markets, Public Sector, Health, Transportation,

Fashion and Retail, Software Vendors and Large SI’s.

Please contact us for a list of current/historic customers –