ExceedBI provides testing solutions to help you assure your systems

will perform and behave as expected. We use a number of industry

recognised tools and approaches to ensure we deliver effective and

efficient testing solutions.

Our team can help you develop test strategies, ensure they address

the current and future needs of your business, and implement these

strategies cost effectively and with minimal impact on your business.

Under-performance in IT systems and applications can be disruptive and costly, with as much as 12% of the annual IT budget being allocated to remedial work.

Many organisations have difficulty in conducting effective performance testing due to a lack of internal resources or the increasing complexity of their IT estates. ExceedBI provides performance testing solutions to identify potential issues before go live, thereby reducing the risk of deployment.

Our data-centric approach for testing data management systems helps to overcome challenges around data volumes and complexity, dealing with disparate data sources, data loss during the data integration processes and lack of specialised skills to manage the data verification and validation process.

ExceedBI provides testing services for all of the key vendors it works with including Informatica, Murex, Calypso and Microsoft to ensure these applications perform and behave as expected within the context of your environments and data platforms.

We have delivered business process testing for a number of clients, providing asset class testing.

Our team works hard to understand the underlying business, and therefore are able to test business processes effectively and efficiently.

Many organisations are unable to take advantage of the latest technology solutions available to them, as the perceived risk of migrating from their legacy systems is too great.

Many will continue to make do with their aging, barely fit-for-purpose systems even though the world around them is rapidly changing, resulting in lost opportunities. Our team has helped many organisations reduce the risk of migration and successfully switch over to new systems with minimal disruption.


Having disaster recovery in place does not in itself guarantee system uptime. DR plans needs to be regularly tested to ensure they still meet your needs.

Our team can help you test your DR plans, efficiently and cost effectively.


Automated testing tools have greatly matured, and when applied effectively can significantly help deliver on ROI.

Our team can help you identify what areas of testing can be automated, devise automated testing strategies and evaluate which tools are most appropriate for your needs.


By evaluating how people interact with your application, we can help maximise usability, putting your users at the centre of this testing activity.


We can help you to conduct security audits, threat assessments and risk analyses. Our team can also help you with ISO 27001 compliance audits and penetration testing.


Business continuity planning can help prevent system issues impacting the running of your business.

Our team can help you with verification and testing to ensure you your plans are fit for purpose.


Whether its load testing, user testing or security testing, our team can help you assure your websites perform and behave as expected under different circumstances.


IT solutions can no longer be tested in isolation.

Our network testing services will help you assure your infrastructure will perform in a variety of different scenarios.


With the exponential growth of devices, testing your applications across a range of different devices, operating systems, technologies and networks can prove challenging.

Our team can help you address this challenge.