In an ever‐changing business environment, it has become critical for organisations to effectively align their people, processes and technology to strategic objectives; reduce costs through operational efficiencies; adhere to regulations and best practice; and manage risk more efficiently.

By bringing together business strategy and IT strategy, organisations can begin to achieve these goals and promote innovation and transformation within the business.

ExceedBI provides services that help organisations in their programme, project and change management initiatives. Our management consulting services help our clients implement strategies aligning both IT and business objectives.

Project Management

Our team of project managers have all spent many years delivering projects across industries in highly complex environments. Whether you are embarking upon a new project, or require project rescue services, our team can help. We have experience in all of the main industry leading project management methodologies.

Change Management

Our consultants have experience guiding organisations through periods of change, whether this is  due to operational transformation, external events, mergers and acquisition or following an IT systems implementation. As well as providing assistance in scenarios where change is well‐defined, we can also work with you to instil agility in order to prepare for change.